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About Matthieu de Gottal

 "I hope That I my creations will put a long lasting smile on your face"

Chocolate has always been at the heart of Matthieu de Gottal’s life. Born in Belgium, renowned chocolatier Matthieu had his first experience baking with cocoa at the age of four. Over the years he has refined his skill and is now one of the UK’s top artisan chocolate producers.

Matthieu’s world-class truffles are hand crafted in his Nailsworth “laboratoire”. These signature truffles are infused using the finest whiskey from around the world, also infusing ganaches with gin and rum. Some of these are water based and perfect for vegan or lactose intolerance. Matthieu also has a range of Grand Crus non-alcoholic truffles that combine bespoke mixtures of spices and herbs. The Matthieu de Gottal range varies in flavour and complexity as well as different levels of intensity from mild to strong.

Matthieu added: “I love the extraordinary flavours within chocolate. With chocolate you can grasp feelings that you can’t with any other food – pure ecstasy! I love chocolate’s un-forgivingness, its complexity and need for love and respect. If you try to take a short cut when cooking it, it will punish you for it. I truly feel a great connection with it.”

 Matthieu uses the finest Bean To Bar Single Origin Chocolate, ethically sourced from the globe’s top chocolate growers and makers of Vietnam, Papa New Guinea, Ecuador, Venezuela, Mexico and Madagascar and more and from UK makers such as Duffy’s and Forever Cacao. In using Bean To Bar Matthieu ensures the Cocoa beans of his chocolate are traded fairly and of the best quality chocolate couverture.

His chocolates have totted up six top industry awards in the just 6 months: two Academy of Chocolate Awards 2015, three Awards and an Overall Winner Trophy from the International chocolate Awards 2015 and Greg Wallace (Master Chef) named his Sweet Peat Truffle his favorite truffle of the show at the 2014 Christmas Chocolate Festival in London.

Matthieu has a rich culinary pedigree and has worked in remarkable restaurants and hotels across the world. Now based in The Cotswolds, his passion for chocolate is infectious and utilises his creativity and relentless attention to detail.

Matthieu says: My passion is to create happiness for the people that eat my chocolate truffles whilst benefiting the cocoa farmers around the world.”